Here at GeekBits, we appreciate your loyaly. Hence, we are always giving perks to our followers.

The best way to get access to these perks is by attaining your GeekBits badge.

You can get your badge by accomplishing the following:

  1. Be a Member of our community (Free Tier or Otherwise).
  2. Share at least 10 articles (share a link)

Once you have accomplished the above, send us an email to with the Subject "GeekBits Loyalty Reward).

Once you have access to the GeekBits badge, you:

1. You become a recognized member of GeekBits
2. 3 Months Premium Account on us.
3. Immediate contact with the authors and admin
4. Free sessions to resolve tech issues for you
5. Access to Free Resources such as Merch, Books, Coures, etc.

We look forward to welcoming you to the GeekBits Family.

Your's Truly. the GeekBits Admin.

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