Fix Double Google Chrome icons on the taskbar

This article tries to solve the problem of having two Chrome icons on the taskbar with only one user profile open.

Fix Double Google Chrome icons on the taskbar

I came about this issue with Google Chrome where the taskbar shows two Chrome icons. It started after installing a new instance of Windows.

After Changing Windows and installing all the tools I use, Chrome started showing double icons on the taskbar when I opened my user profile. (This did not happen with the other Windows I was using).

I am sure some of you have also encountered it (It is not necessarily related to Windows Installation but how Chrome functions). It bothers me when something does not work as I expect it to so I tried to find a solution and this is what worked for me.

The Problem

I have pinned Google Chrome on the taskbar. When I click on it to open Chrome, it opens a separate icon instead that shows my user profile. Now I have two Chrome icons on my taskbar and one is closed.

Img 1.png

This is not an ideal situation for me. I find it redundant and it clutters my taskbar (bad user experience).

The Solution.

I found articles saying unpin the icon that is not open then pin the remaining icon. It works but this did not work for me.

The reason is when I pin the icon with my user profile to the taskbar, it loses some functionality such as I cannot right-click on it to open New Incognito window from the context menu as shown below. I use incognito mode from time to time so this was not the solution I was looking for.

Img 2.png

Of course, I can open incognito mode using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N. But at the back of my mind, I still remember something doesn't work as I expect it to. You know how it is. lol

What worked for me

What I want to achieve is to have all the Chrome functionality in one icon when I launch my user profile. Here is what worked for me. A rather simple solution actually. Follow the steps below to implement it.

  • Uninstall Chrome and all of its data as shown below.

    Img 3.png

  • Install it again like you would normally.

    By doing this, chrome will have all the default settings right out of the box.

  • Open the start menu and search for Chrome. Right Click on it and select Pin to taskbar

    Img 6.png

  • Click on the pinned chrome icon on the taskbar to launch it. The Sign-in window should appear. Login to create your default profile. That is all there is to it.

To make sure that it has worked, close the Chrome Window and open it again by clicking on the Pinned Chrome icon.

If it has worked for you, chrome should open and you should have only one icon on the taskbar. The context menu with incognito mode should also be there on the context menu.

Img 5.png

Why this solution Works

The reason Chrome will open two icons on the taskbar when launched is because of the different profiles you have. Each User profile that you add to Chrome opens up on a new instance of Chrome. This way you can switch between the profiles seamlessly.

If I opened another user profile, I would have 3 icons on the taskbar and it continues that way. That is just how Chrome works.

The fix does the same thing but it does it differently. When I click on the closed Chrome Icon on the taskbar, it opens a new window with all your profiles. From here, you can select the profile you want to use. You can also uncheck Show on startup so that it just heads straight to your profile.

Img 4.png

After selecting the default profile, it opens up on the same icon on the taskbar and I still have all the functionality on the context menu as shown below.

Img 5.png

This only works for your default profile. If you open profile 2, you will lose the incognito mode on the context menu. But now if I select the default profile, it opens on the same icon and with all the functionality.

I solved my problem though.

Summing up

I like it when things function the way I expect them to. With this guide, you will fix the issue of having Chrome open two icons when you open one profile. Super annoying to me.

If this helped you, let me know in the comments and if you find another fix for this, put it in the comments as well.

Thank you for reading.

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