How to Add "This PC" Icon to the Desktop in Windows 11

Having the "This PC" Icon on the desktop can have several benefits such as helping you to easily access your drives easily. If the Icon is missing from your desktop, this article guides you on how to add it to the desktop.

Adding "This PC" Icon to the Desktop in Windows
Adding "This PC" Icon to the Desktop in Windows

If you are a windows user, you may have noticed that "This PC"icon is not always visible on the desktop by default. This happens mostly after a clean install of windows. If this is your situation and it frustrates you to constantly use the file explorer to access your drives, do not despair because the grandmaster has your back.

Adding "This PC" icon to the desktop is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. This guide will show you how you can add the icon to the desktop so that you can access the files and folders with ease. Let's get started.

Adding "This PC" Icon to the Windows Desktop

  • Start by right clicking on an empty space on the desktop to display a pop-up menu. From the menu, select Personalize


    This should open a new window with more personalization options.

  • On this windows, select themes for more theme settings.


  • Under the Related settings, select Desktop icon settings


    This should open a pop-up window with desktop icons.

  • Locate "Computer" and check the box next to it. Once you are done, click Apply and then OK to save the settings.

    You are done. The desktop should now appear on the desktop.

How Remove "This PC" from the Desktop

If you wish to remove the computer icon from the desktop for whatever reason, repeat the steps above but this time round uncheck the box next to "Computer"and apply the settings.

You can use the same steps to add other icons (Recycle Bin, Network. User Files and Control Panel) to the desktop.


Having "This PC" icon on the desktop can make computing experience more efficient, personalized and user-friendly. By following the steps above, you can successfully add the icon to the desktop. If you found this helpful, consider subscribing to Geekbits and sharing the article with others who might be interested.

Thanks for reading : )

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