How to change the Artboard size in Adobe Illustrator

This article dives into the world of artboards. It shows how you can change their sizes in a Adobe Illustrator.

Changing the Artboard sizes in Adobe Illustrator

When setting up documents that have the same elements in them for different purposes such as a YouTube banner, Instagram post, and Facebook, you will find that artboards simplify the process. Without using artboards, you will have to create different project files for each document you want to create. With artboards, you can have all the documents in one project file which is very convenient.

However, you may at times find yourself in a position where you need to modify the size of an artboard to accommodate more elements or something of the sort. Trust me it happens more often than not. If you know your way around Illustrator, then this is not a problem, but if you are just starting out, this can be troubling.

This article will show you how you can resize your artboards in Adobe Illustrator.

Creating an artboard in Adobe Illustrator

An artboard is an empty page/layer in Illustrator that will hold all the elements you add to your artwork. These artboards can then be exported as individual files.

You can create an artboard from the presets that Illustrator offers or create one with custom dimensions. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Open Illustrator then press Ctrl + N keys on your keyboard to open the new document window.

    Img 1.png

  2. On this window, you can select from the presets or change the width and height to your liking. You can also configure other settings for your artboard such as the color mode. When done hit the Create button.

    This will create a new artboard.

Adding an artboard

You now have one artboard open, you can add more by using the artboard tool. to do this:

  1. Press the Shift + O keys on your keyboard to select the artboard tool from the tools panel.

    Img 2.png

  2. With this tool selected, click and drag your mouse to create a new artboard.

    Img 3.png

    You can change the width, height, and the name of the artboard as shown above. When done, click on Exit.

Resizing Artboards in Illustrator

Now that we know how to create and add an artboard, let's see how to resize them when need arises.

Method 1: Artboard options

You can resize the artboard from the artboard options as shown below.

  1. Next to the layers panel, you should see the Artboards section.

    Img 4.png

  2. If you don't see it in your workspace, click on the Window tab at the top of you workspace then select artboard from the pop-up that appears.

    Img 5.png

  3. In the artboards section, you should see all the artboards that you have in your document. Select the artboard you want to resize then to it's right, click on the artboard options symbol.

    Img 6.png

  4. This opens up the artboard options. From here, you can change the size of the artboard.

    Img 7.png

Method 2: Artboard panel

To use the artboard panel to resize the artboard:

  1. Press Shift + O keys on the keyboard to select the artboard tool from the toolbar.

  2. Select the artboard you want to resize then you will be presented with the Artboard panel under the Properties tab.

    Img 8.png

  3. From this panel, you can change the width and height of your artboard accordingly.

  4. Click on Exit when done.

Method 3: Artboard Tool

The last method to resize the artboard is using the Artboard tool.

  1. Start by selecting the artboard tool on the tools panel or you can use the shortcutShift + O.

  2. With the tool selected, select the artboard you want to resize.

    Img 9.png

    Notice the blue markings around the artboard. It means the artboard is active.

  3. Hover over the edge of the artboard then drag to resize it as you wish. You can press the Shift key to resize it proportionally.

  4. When satisfied, stop dragging then let go of the Shift key if you were resizing the artboard proportionally.

Wrapping Up

This guide shows three different methods for resizing the artboard in Adobe Illustrator. You also learn how to create the artboards and add more artboards to your document. By learning how to use the artboard properly, you can save a lot of time, and your workflow becomes efficient.

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Thanks for reading : )

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