Learn how to enable tabs in Windows Explorer as well how to get the new navigation pane available in preview builds of the OS.

Ever since the birth of Windows, Microsoft has introduced some good features in the Windows File Explorer. One such feature is the ability to use tabs in the File explorer.

Although this is not a revolutionary feature in other systems such as macOS and Linux, it is the first of its kind in the Windows line up.

Without much further ado, let's get started.

Enable Tabs in File Explorer

To Enable experimental features in Windows 11, you will need to use a Third-Party tool called ViVe Tool The resource is provided in the link below:


Open your browser and navigate to the resource above. You can also head to the release page provided in the link below:


  1. Local the latest ViVe tool zip file and click to download.
  1. Once downloaded, Right click the file and select Extract All.
  1. Select the Extract Location and click Extact.
  1. Once extracted, copy the path to the extracted folder.
  2. Click on the start menu and launch the Command Prompt as administrator.
  1. Next, navigate into the extracted folder by running the cd command as show:
$ cd "C:\Users\cs\Downloads\Compressed\ViVeTool-v0.3.1"
  1. Feel free to replace the folder with your target value.
  2. In the next step, run the code below to enable tabs in File Explorer
$ ViVeTool.exe /enable /id:37634385
  1. The command above will use the provided id to enable the file explorer tabs feature.
This may require you to restart your computer to apply the changes.

Enable File Explorer New Navigation

Enabling the New Navigation in File Explorer is a simple command as shown:

$ ViVeTool.exe /enable /id:36354489

Similarly, the command will require you to restart your device to apply the changes.

Other Experimental Features

The ViVe Tool allows you to enable and disable experimental features on your Windows system. To view the list of features you can enable or disable, run the command:

$ vivetool.exe /query

The command should return the feature id, name and other information. An example output is as shown:

ViVeTool v0.3.1 - Windows feature configuration tool

[16667730] (MicrocodeAbTesting)
Priority        : Service (4)
State           : Enabled (2)
Type            : Experiment (1)
Variant         : 1

[19770572] (CET_Kernel_Shadow_Stacks)
Priority        : Service (4)
State           : Disabled (1)
Type            : Experiment (1)

[38513938] (AverageAggregation)
Priority        : Service (4)
State           : Enabled (2)
Type            : Experiment (1)
--------------output trunctated--------------------------
[39145991] (NWMTest1)
Priority        : ImageDefault (0)
State           : Enabled (2)
Type            : Override (0)

[39146010] (UxTest12)
Priority        : ImageDefault (0)
State           : Disabled (1)
Type            : Override (0)

[39177456] (MoreProgrammableSlotsInStart)
Priority        : ImageDefault (0)
State           : Enabled (2)
Type            : Override (0)

[39281392] (MTestUx13)
Priority        : ImageDefault (0)
State           : Disabled (1)
Type            : Override (0)

Priority        : ImageDefault (0)
State           : Disabled (1)
Type            : Override (0)


Using this tutorial, you discovered how to enable the tabs feature in Windows 11. We also covered how to enable the new navigation pane for the File Explorer.

Thanks for reading!!

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