How to Find WiFi Password on Mac

You may encounter a scenario where you need to view the password of a saved password. This tutorial will cover how you can view the password for a given Wi-Fi in macOS Ventura.
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How to Find WiFi Password on Mac

The system will save the network and the associated password when you connect to a Wi-Fi network on a macOS device. This allows the device to connect when the network is within connection Ange automatically.

macOS Show WiFi Password

To show the password for a given wifi, follow the steps as provided below:

Click on the Apple  icon on the menu bar and select System Settings from the dropdown menu.


In the System Settings Window, Select **Network from the sidebar menu.

Next, select the Wi-Fi section to Expand to Wifi Options.


Locate the Wi-Fi network whose password you wish to view.

Click on the circled ellipsis option and click on Copy Password.


You can do the same for any network you have previously connected.

Viewing WiFi Password From the Apple Keychain

Using the Apple Keychain utility, you can also get the password of previously connected WiFi. Follow the steps as provided:

Press the CMD + Space key to launch Spotlight.

In the Search Box, search for Keychain Access


This will open the Keychain Utility allowing you to view all your saved credentials. Ensure you are logged in to the Keychain utility to discover more.

In the search box, type the name of the WiFi whose password you wish to view.


On the target result, right-click the network name and select Copy Password to Clipboard


In this tutorial, you learned two main ways to view the password of a saved WiFi network on macOS. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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