If you've used Visual Studio code, you must have encountered the confusing folder layout(Compact folders).

Img 1.png

So what are compact folders?

Compact folders is a feature in VSCode that renders nested single-child folders as one line. The problem that this feature tries to solve is to help navigate deep folder structures easily and quickly. However, to some people, it gets confusing so quickly, and if you have so many nested folders, it gets hard to manage.

In this article, I will show you how to disable the Compact folders feature in VSCode which comes enabled by default.

Disabling Compact Folders in VSCode.

To disable Compact folders:

  • Left-click on the File tab located at the top left corner of VSCode user interface.

    This will open up a menu with different options.

    Img 2.png

  • On the menu, hover over the preferences option to display more preference settings. On the menu that shows up, choose the settings option.

    Img 3.png

    This will open up a new window with all VSCode settings.

  • At the top of this window, there is a search bar.

    Type Compact folders on the search bar to filter among all the settings available.

    Img 4.png

    Notice the check box on the compact folder setting showing that it is enabled.

  • To disable it, uncheck the box and that should do it.

    Img 5.png

Now if you take a look at your folder layout, the folders should not be on one line like before.

Img 6.png

Enabling Compact Folders in VSCode.

To enable compact folders, follow the same steps as above and check the compact folder setting.

Wrap up

That is it. Congrats you have seen how to enable/disable the VSCode compact folder setting. If the article was helpful, consider subscribing and sharing it with people it might be helpful to.

Thanks for reading : )

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