How to Install Flameshot on Mac

In this post, you will discover two main methods of installing Flameshot on macOS in a few easy steps.

How to Install Flameshot on Mac

Flameshot is a free, open-source, cross-platform tool that allows you to take and edit amazing screenshots with a single click.

Flameshot is the swiss army knife of quick screenshots and editing. It provides a way to take screenshots at any location and perform quick edits such as blur, adding arrows, adding marks, etc.

Method 1 - Using Homebrew

The first and easiest method we can use to install Flameshot on Mac is the Homebrew package manager. If you don't have Homebrew installed, you can check the resource below:

Once you are ready, install Flameshot with the command.

brew install --cask flameshot

The command should fetch the latest Flameshot and install it on your machine.

Method 2 - Using DMG

If you do not wish to install Flameshot via Homebrew, you can download the provided installer image in the resource below:

Locate the latest release version and navigate to the Assets section, locate the flameshot.dmg file and download it onto your local machine.


Once downloaded, open the DMG file and drag the flameshot app to the Applications folder.


You can then close the DMG image.

To launch Flameshot for the first time, navigate to the Applications folder and Right click the Flameshot icon. Select Open and allow the blocking feature.

Once launched, you can start taking screenshots on your machine by pressing CMD + SHIFT + X


In this tutorial, you discovered how to install the Flameshot utility on your Mac using Homebrew and DMG images. If this tutorial helped you, share it and leave a comment below. It helps out!!

We also have other tutorials in our library you can check out. Thanks for reading!!

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