How to install flameshot on Windows

This tutorial will show various methods to download and install flameshot on your Windows machine.

How to install flameshot on Windows

Flameshot is a free, open-source, cross-platform tool that allows you to take and edit amazing screenshots with a single click.

Flameshot is the swiss army knife of quick screenshot and editing. It provides a way to take screenshots at any location and perform quick edits such as blur, adding arrows, adding marks, etc.

And thanks to a team of open-source developers (brag alert 😊 ), myself included, flameshot, flameshot is constantly improving with new features and enhancements.

Using Scoop Package Manager

The first and most common method of installing flameshot on Windows is using scoop. If you do not have scoop scoop installed on your machine, check the resource below:

To install flameshot, open the command prompt and run the command:

scoop bucket add extras
scoop update
scoop install flameshot

The commands above will enable the extras bucket, including community apps such as flameshot. The update command will refresh the sources. Finally, the last command will install the flameshot tool.

Using Winget Package Manager

If you have winget installed on your system, you can use it to install flameshot in a simple command.

Check the resource below to learn how to install winget on your system.

Once you have winget, run the command:

winget install flameshot

And there you have it, Flameshot is successfully installed on your system.

Using Chocolatey

We cannot forget chocolatey. If you have choco as your package manager, you can the command below to install flameshot.

choco install flameshot

Manual Install.

Well, you don't have to use either of the discussed above. You can simply download the provided installer package in the resource below:

Select the .msi installer and download.


Once downloaded, launch the installer and follow the provided instructions.

Once completed, launch flameshot, you should get a window as shown:


To take a screenshot, navigate to the Window on which you wish to capture and press PRTSC.

NOTE: If pressing the PRTSC key opens up the default screenshot tool (Snipping Tool) on Windows, you can fix it by disabling the snipping tool on windows or uninstalling it.

Solution by Alexandre Cardoso


In this tutorial, we covered various methods of installing the Flameshot utility on your Windows machine.

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