How to Move Windows 11 Taskbar to Left Side

In this guide, we will quickly discover how to configure the Windows 11 taskbar to align to the left without needing external tools.

How to Move Windows 11 Taskbar to Left Side

Windows 11

In the latest Windows 11, the location of the taskbar is aligned to the middle by default. Although this does provide a distinct look from previous Windows versions, it can be confusing, especially if you are used to the old layout where the taskbar was aligned to the left.

Luckily, Microsoft does allow us to move the Taskbar to the left in very few simple steps.

Windows 11 Move Taskbar to the Left

You can align the Windows 11 taskbar to the left by following the steps below:

Right-click on any empty space on the taskbar.

In the context menu that appears, hover over Taskbar settings and click on it.

In the Taskbar settings window, under Taskbar behaviors.

Click on the drop-down menu next to Taskbar alignment.

Select Left from the options available.

The taskbar will automatically move to the left side of the screen.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Win Key+ I to open the Settings app and navigate to Taskbar settings to change the alignment.


This article uses the Settings App to explore a simple and intuitive method of aligning the Windows 11 taskbar to the left side.

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