How to Rename a Directory Using Windows Command Prompt

In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of renaming a directory in Windows using the Command Prompt.
Captain Salem 1 min read
How to Rename a Directory Using Windows Command Prompt

The Windows Command Prompt is the most basic and default terminal emulator that comes installed with the Window system.

Directory renaming is one of the most computer operations and whether you are on Windows, Linux, macOS, or any other OS, you will encounter instances where you need to rename a directory.

Windows Rename Directory

To rename a directory using the Windows Command Prompt, you can use the ren command, which is short for rename.

Start by opening the Command Prompt. You can use the Windows Start Menu or Search feature in Windows systems.

Next, use the cd command to navigate to the parent directory that contains the directory you want to rename.

For example, if the directory you want to rename is located at C:\OldDirectory, you can use the following command to navigate to the C:\ directory:

cd C:\

Finally, use the ren command followed by the current directory name and the new name you want to give to the directory.

For example, if you want to rename OldDirectory to NewDirectory, use the following command:

ren OldDirectory NewDirectory

Make sure to replace OldDirectory with the actual name of the directory you want to rename, and NewDirectory with the new name you want to assign.

NOTE: Ensure you have write permissions on the target directory before making any changes.


This was a short tutorial on how you can use the Windows Command Prompt to rename a specific directory using the ren command.

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