How to Set Up a PIN on your Windows 11 PC

In this tutorial, we will quickly go over how you to enable PIN authentication in Windows 11 powered devices.
Captain Salem 2 min read
How to Set Up a PIN on your Windows 11 PC

Windows Hello PIN is a security feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 and later versions of the Windows operating system.

It is a method of authentication that allows you to log into Windows devices using a unique personal identification number (PIN) instead of a traditional password which is automatically authenticated.

Windows 11 Enable PIN Authentication

To enable PIN authentication in Windows, follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.

Start by launching the Settings app from the start menu.

From the left-hand pane, select the Accounts options as shown:

Next, select Sign-in options on the right side of the screen to configure various sign in options for your account.

In this section, select PIN (Window Hello)

NOTE: Before you can enable PIN authentication, you need to ensure that you have a password configured for your account.

Click on the dropdown menu and select the Setup option to configure a new PIN for your account.

Specify the password for your account to proceed.

Set your desired password and click OK to proceed.

Windows 11 Change Existing PIN

To change an existing PIN, you can follow the outlined steps above and choose the Change PIN as shown:

Enter the old PIN, and the new PIN on the two preceeding boxes to confirm.

Windows 11 Remove PIN

To remove the PIN from the account, follow the steps above and choose the Remove PIN option from the selection options.


In this tutoria, you quickly learned how to configure a PIN authentication on your Windows 11 machine using the Windows Hello provided feature.

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