How to setup Nerd Fonts in Windows

This tutorial will show you how you can customize your terminal or code editor by adding great fonts that will suit a wide range of us geeks.
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How to setup Nerd Fonts in Windows

If there is one thing we can all agree on, we spend a lot of time on our terminal and code editors.

To some of us, these tools are the breathing parts of our lives; that's an exaggeration. However, they play an essential role in our tasks.

That is why it is essential to customize your terminal window or code editor to the way you find most comfortable and productive.

Let's dive in, shall we?

What are Nerd Fonts?

The main question you might be asking is, what are nerd fonts?

Apart from the name, NerdFonts is a free and open-source project developed to create patched fonts, including; ng features that are missing from typical fonts. It allows you to include a wide range of glyphs and icons in your fonts.

Using NerdFonts, you can get awesome icons and glyphs that are easy to interpret and read for monospaced text.

Install Nerd Fonts in Windows

The Nerd Fonts project provides a wide collection of popular monospaced fonts for various systems.

You can check various fonts and how they look in the resource below:

To install a NerdFont, open your command prompt and run the command

git clone --filter=blob:none --sparse

The command will clone the NerdFonts repository allowing you to install the fonts you wish.

If you are facing permission denied error when cloning the repository, you can use the HTTPS version as shown in the link below:

git clone --filter=blob:none --sparse

If you do not wish to clone the repository, you can navigate into the releases page and download the source code zip.

Install a Single Font

In most cases, you do not want the entire Nerd Fonts collection. To install a specific font, navigate into the NerdFonts folder:

cd nerd-fonts

Next, run the installer script with the name of the font you wish to install.

For example, to install the Fira Code Nerd Font, we can run the script:

./install FiraCode

Ensure you are in the NerdFonts folder and the patched-fonts folder exists.

To install the NerdFonts collection, run the command:


The command above will install all the fonts in the patched folder.

NOTE: The Nerd fonts collection is quite massive and may consume a large disk space. Use cautiously.


This was a short tutorial discussing how you can install Nerd Fonts in your Windows machine in easy steps.

Hope you enjoyed that article, please share and leave a comment down below.

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