How to Stop Edge Browser from Syncing with Chrome

This article explains how you can disable the importation of browser data from google chrome every time you launch the Edge Browser.

Disable synchronization between Chrome and Edge
Disable synchronization between Chrome and Edge

If your Edge browser opens up with tabs and bookmarks previously opened on the Chrome browser, then the two browsers are synced. This is a new feature on the Edge browser that constantly pulls data from Chrome. As much as this might be useful for some as it creates a seamless experience, it may be annoying to others. Having synced browsers means that you get your bookmarks and favorites, history, passwords, and auto-fills, as well as tabs and sessions duplicated on both browsers which bring in data privacy concerns, conflicting preference, and compatibility issues. You also need to consider unintended changes whereby the changes you make on one browser will reflect on the other browser. This is a problem if you happen to delete a bookmark accidentally or any other change on one browser.

If you find it annoying to have the Edge browser synced with the Chrome browser, this article explains how you can unsynchronize them. If you find it helpful, consider subscribing to Geekbits.

Turning Sync off on Microsoft Edge.

The first is to open your Edge browser. Notice my Chrome bookmarks are imported to my Edge browser.

Follow these steps to remove the synchronization.

Click on the three dots at the top of the browser to open more browser options.

Once the options are open, Choose settings.

Under settings, you should see your profile's settings. We are looking for the is the import browser data section.

Under the browser data section, you will find the browsers you can import data from. In this demonstration, data gets imported from the Chrome browser. So, to stop the importation, click on edit preferences.

In the window that opens up, Click on Turn off to turn the feature off completely.

In the pop-up window that appears, check the box and confirm.

This should un-sync the Edge browser from the Chrome browser.

Turning on "Import Browser data from Chrome"

If you wish to turn the feature back on again, follow the steps above but when you get to step 4, click on Turn On and choose the profile you want to import data from.

Wrapping Up

This article shows you how to stop the importation of data from google chrome on every launch when using the Edge browser. This is useful for those who use different browsers for different purposes. It also eliminates privacy concerns and compatibility issues. If this article helped you solve the issue for you, share it with others with similar problems and subscribe to Geekbits to get notified every time we upload useful articles like this one.

Thank you for reading : )

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