How to transfer files from macOS to Android Device

Using this tutorial, you will discover how you can connect and transfer files to and from your macOS to your Android device.
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How to transfer files from macOS to Android Device

How to transfer files from macOS to Android Device

Android and macOS are some of the most popular operating systems in the world. They are both useful Operating systems suitable for various needs.

However, transferring files between the two devices is not as straightforward as plugging in a cable.

Using the Official AndroidFile Transfer Utility

One of the easiest and common method for transferring files between your Mac and Android is using the Google's Android Transfer utility.

This is a tool developed by Google to facilitate the connection and transfer of files between Android and Mac.

To install it, open your browser and navigate to the resource below:

Once on the download page, Click on the Download Now button to save the file on your computer.

Once downloaded, launch the .dmg file.

Next, drag the Android File file into your Applications folder to install it.

Once completed, connect the USB cable to your Android and into your Mac.

Once connect, launch the Android File Transfer tool on your Mac.

You can then use the tool to browse and copy/move files between your Mac and Android device.

NOTE: Depending on your Android version, you may need to explicitly allow the macOS to access your files.


In this short tutorial, you discovered the method of connecting and transferring files to and from your Android device to your Mac computer.

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