Must Know Built-in Node.JS Modules

Here is a list of builtin node js modules that are a must-know.

Must Know Built-in Node.JS Modules
Built-in Node.JS Modules

Node.js is a popular JavaScript runtime known for its flexibility and efficiency in building scalable server-side applications.

Modules in Node give you essential functionality to make your application. There are millions of third-party plugins in the npm library that give you different functionality. Super useful when developing applications, however, there is also a handful of built-in modules that are a must-know.

With these built-in modules, you don't need to install anything, you can start using them right out of the box. Let's see which they are.

Built-in Node Modules

Module Functionality
fs Helps you Interact with the file system, read/write files, and manage directories.
http Helps you create an HTTP server, handle incoming requests, and send responses.
https Extends HTTP for secure communication using SSL/TLS encryption.
path Helps you work with file and directory paths, providing methods for navigation.
os Retrieves information about the operating system, such as CPU architecture and memory.
console Logs messages to the console to aid in debugging and monitoring.
net Create servers and clients for handling raw TCP communication.
buffer Helps you deal with raw binary data. it is essential for file handling and network protocols.
events Helps you Implement the observer pattern, allowing objects to emit and listen for named events.
url Helps you Parse and format URLs, making it easier to work with web addresses.
tls It Extend network capabilities with secure communication using SSL/TLS.
REPL Provide an interactive programming environment with a Read-Eval-Print Loop.
DNS Perform Domain Name System operations, translating domain names to IP addresses.
crypto Offer cryptographic functionality for secure operations such as hashing and encryption.
process Access information about the current Node.js process, environment variables, etc.
assert Facilitate simple assertion testing for validating conditions in your code.
perf_hooks Measure the performance of your code using high-resolution timers.
readline Facilitate reading data from a readable stream, often used for command-line interfaces.
querystring Parse and format URL query strings, handling parameters in web applications.
stream Provide a foundation for working with streams of data, making it efficient for large datasets.

These modules are super helpful during development. Let me know in the comments, if I should how each of them works with good examples.

Cheers. See you in the next one.

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