Signs You Need to Replace Your Hard Drive

Do you need to replace the hard drive of your MacBook Pro? Wondering how much a new hard drive MacBook Pro costs you? We will try to cover the approximate replacement cost in this post to ease your purchasing process.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Hard Drive

Hard drive replacement on MacBook Pro and other devices is not optional. You can’t ignore this need if your current drive is not working effectively or gets damaged. So, let’s understand when you need your hard drive replacement and how much it’ll cost.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Hard Drive

It is wiser first to check your hard drive condition. This is because you would regret it later when you find that you can fix the problems yourself. Disk Utility errors, device overheating, unstable macOS, unrecognizable drives, and inaccessible partitions are common signs.

Smelling like plastic burning or hearing strange sounds from your hard drive indicates the need for replacement. However, in case of other symptoms, you can solve the issue yourself. Before replacement, you can try to mount network drive mac, as it better manages the storage than a standard external HDD.

SSD or HDD: Which Is Better?

Most people get confused between HDD and SSD. If you ask us for that, we’ll recommend the SSD as it greatly improves reliability and performance. Even though it is comparatively more expensive than a hard disk drive, it is more beneficial.

SSDs are more compact and durable. Moreover, it consumes very less energy while providing a much faster computing experience. HDDs, on the contrary, are affordable and beneficial only when you need to store a huge amount of data without accessing it frequently.

Cost of a New MacBook Pro Hard Drive**


The cost of a new hard drive MacBook Pro depends on several factors. For example, the hard drive capacity you will require, the MacBook Pro model you’re using, and the series. The modern MacBook from 2016 or later doesn’t accept similar upgrades.

So, it is right to seek the expert’s support. But remember that the replacement cost also depends on who you’re approaching for assistance. An expert may charge you up to $80 an hour. On average, a replacement will consume 3-4 hours. So, it may cost from $120 to $300.

How to Replace MacBook Hard Drive?

Before you invest valuable money in buying and replacing a new hard drive, check its compatibility. Find out if your MacBook Pro model is up for replacement or upgrade.

When unsure which version is yours, access the famous Apple logo. You will get it in the top left panel of the menu bar. Tap on this logo and locate ‘About This Mac.’ Here, you will find the correct model of your MacBook Pro.

Replacing Drive from Apple Service Center

To get your hard drive inspection and replacement, you can visit an official Apple service center. Since you are approaching authorized experts, it will cost you higher as they do replace them with premium quality components.

But, there are some problems that users encounter via opting for this approach. The professionals perform all the processes in the background. You would not know whether they replace it with expensive or low-cost parts.

Get Your Hard Drive Replaced by Local Repair Shop

Alongside the authorized Apple customer service center, you can go to a local MacBook Pro repair shop. Since this is a local service center, the replacement will cost you low. You will not get the original components, so skip this method.

The MacBook is a delicate device, and all its integrated parts are expensive. Hence, replacing them with local components can create an impact on the drive functions later. Because local shops are not proper workshops, moisture and dust can damage your device.

Replacement by Yourself


As discussed in the above section, MacBook’s built-in components are costly and well-structured; the wrong replacement can cause damage. So, be careful when you decide to go for a replacement by yourself.

MacBook Pro hard drive replacement will require using the best tools, such as a new drive, spudger, Philips screwdriver, and Tri-point or T6 Torx screwdriver, based on your model. You must prepare your drive, turn off your MacBook, and remove the battery and previous drive.

The Conclusion

When you notice an unfamiliar sound or smell from your hard drive burning solder, you need a drive replacement. You will have to look for a backup system for your essential data and go for a quick replacement. You can’t fix these issues practically by yourself.

You can also consider hard drive replacement for faster operations and satisfied hard drive performance. Based on your requirements, you can also go for SSD, a short form of Solid-State Drive. So, decide your needs first, and then purchase a new hard drive.

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