The Only VSCode Extensions you need for productivity 2024

This articles lists some of the best VSCode extensions to improve your productivity while writing code.

Best VSCode Extensions for enhanced productivity
Best VSCode Extensions for enhanced productivity

Visual Studio Code is a powerful and widely used code editor developed by Microsoft. Its, versatility, efficiency, and extensive library of extensions make it a favorite among developers.

The extensions enable developers to be efficient by streamlining their workflow. As a result, the development experience is enhanced and productivity is boosted.

In this article, we look at some of the best VSCode extensions for web development.

How to Install Extensions on VSCode.

Before we look at the best extensions, let's see how you can install them. With VSCode. It is so easy to install extensions.

  • Open your VSCode.

  • Head to the Extensions tab. You can use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + X.

    This will open up the extensions marketplace.

  • Search for the extension you want then press install


VSCode extensions you need

Now that we know how to install extensions on VSCode, you can search for any of the extensions listed below and install them on your VSCode.

Let's get started with the first one.

1. ESLint


This is a widely used linter that helps developers identify and fix common programming errors and enforce coding standards. With this extension, you get real-time feedback on your code as you write. You also get to customize the linting rules to match your projects coding standards.

2. Prettier


This extension is a code formatter that maintains a consistent coding style across your project. When you save your work, prettier comes into play and formats your code, adding indents thus ensuring a uniform codebase. It makes it easier to read your code.

3. Auto Close Tag

AutoClose Tag.png

This extension automatically adds a closing tag when you open it. This is super helpful for HTML and XML docs as it ensures proper nesting and reduces the chance of syntax errors

4. Auto Rename Tag

Auto Rename Tag.png

To top the auto close tag, the Auto rename tag extension renames the closing tag automatically when you rename the opening tag and vice versa. The opening and closing tags are synchronized thus reducing the chance of errors when renaming tags.

5. Better Comments

Better Comments.png

Better comments bring in a variety of comment styles with different visualizations making it so easy to categorize and highlight comments based on their importance or purpose. This extension plays a big role in organization.

6. ES7+ React/Redux/React-Native Snippets


When working with React, this extension will save you a lot of time when creating components. It provides a collection of snippets that allow you to quickly generate boilerplate code for common React and Redux patterns.

Super useful for eliminating repetitive typing.

7. GitHub Copilot

Github Copilot.png

In this era of AI, GitHub Copilot saves you time by suggesting whole lines or blocks of code as you type in real-time. It does this by understanding the context of your code thus making intelligent guesses of what you want to write next (code completion). This tool is a game changer.


This tool is paid for. However, it is free for students.

8. IntelliCode


This is a super helpful AI assistant. Similar to GitHub Copilot. It uses AI to analyze your coding patterns and suggest contextually relevant code completions.

9. Npm Intellisense

npm Intellisense.png

For those working with npm this extension will help you know which packages you have installed and which ones you don't have. It simplifies the process of working with Node.JS

10. Path Intellisense

Path Intellisense.png

This is a popular extension that was developed to streamline the process of working with file paths. This extension will help you to automatically import files at the top into your code. It also provides autocompletion suggestions for files and directory paths thus speeding up your workflow.

11. Tailwind CSS Intellisense


Tailwind by itself already saves a lot of time that would have been wasted writing CSS. This extension is the cherry on top. It enhances the coding experience by providing intelligent auto-completion suggestions for Tailwind CSS classes.

Summing Up

These are some of the Extensions I use to speed up my development journey. If some extensions deserve a spot on this one, Put them in the comment and I will for sure add them.

Thank you for reading. Please share the article if you found it helpful.

Happy Coding : )

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